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Hey, my friend! Thank you for being here!

I didn’t always know that retail was my passion. When I was younger, I thought that one day I would be a dance teacher and own a dance school of my own, because it was my passion growing up, and I was naturally good at it. I have been a dreamer since I can remember and I always knew I wanted to be a business owner.
I graduated high school and went on to be a dance major and graduated with a degree in dance performance. I did everything I needed to do to have the proper education to pursue my dance career. BUT
I worked retail through college, it’s how I paid the bills! I absolutely loved working retail and after college I was hired as an Assistant Manager at a Boutique store chain. I worked in that position for two years before my then, fiancé and I decided to move to a couple towns over to settle down near my family.

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